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Our tried and tested cleaning methods have been shown to outperform our competitors. While some larger companies are focused on the numbers at Triple R we are focused on the customer. Since we are a family owned business, your happiness is our number one priority, we want you to call us again and tell your friends and family about how great of an experience we were able to provide you.


9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

1. Pre inspection
2. Pre vacuum
3. Light furniture moving
4. Pre spray
5. Pre spot
6. Chemical agitation
7. Soil extraction and rinse
8. Neutralizer
9. Post spot

With this process your carpets are guaranteed to be clean and fresh with a nice soft feel to the fibers. 


With the same 9 step carpet cleaning process, plus a few extra measures, we are happy to announce that we can bring your furniture back to life. Whether its human and pet hair, food, crumbs or drink stains getting caught and trapped in your upholstery we can clean it!!!

Tile and Grout

,Have you ever tried to clean  years of dirt and grease build up in your grout? If you have, then you probably never want to again! With our high powered equipment and cleaning chemistry we can get your tile floors looking better than the day they were installed.

Why choose Triple R?

1. Carpets are guaranteed to stay cleaner longer

2.No sticky residue left behind

3. Fast dry times

4. Remove dust mites and other allergens

5. Safe for all carpet

6. Safe for people and pets